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Dippecher Demokrat March 2022 - English Version


Dear fellow citizens,

The last two years have been tough, dealing with a pandemic impacting our everyday life. COVID-19 has presented us with considerable challenges. Therefore, our thoughts and condolences go out to all those who have suffered as a result of the virus and to those who have lost a loved one. While just a couple of weeks ago, we were hoping to slowly but surely move back to normality. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has launched vicious attacks against Ukraine, putting a damper on these hopes. Despite our fears of a brutal war and its consequences, we are hopeful that together, we will fight for peace and freedom for everyone and support all measures necessary to stop the warmonger Putin. As Prime Minister Xavier Bettel succinctly said, "Peace and freedom come at a price". It is worth standing up for peace and freedom, even if it requires sacrifice.

For the municipality, one of the main goals over the past two years was to ensure that the services to the citizens would continue to be assured at their best possible level. More specifically, these included, but were not limited to: 

  • Distribution of masks,
  • Provision of a shopping service for citizens in need of assistance, 
  • Introduction of a telephone service for our elderly citizens to protect them from social isolation,
  • Introduction of a free vaccination bus,
  • Expanded support for our regional businesses,
  • Offer of free rapid tests, etc.

In addition to the virus, which continues to affect us, heavy rains in the summer caused flooding in our community. The water levels of our streams reached new all-time highs.

Following these incidents, we remain convinced that our efforts towards the renaturation of the Tajel and Mess rivers, creating flood zones in the valley area of both rivers, and adapting our sewers must continue. In fact, the continuation of these works is more than necessary. Therefore, these measures remain high on our list of priorities.

A special thank you goes to our CGDIS, the municipal staff, and those who showed solidarity with the flood victims.

Lucien Thill
President of the DP Dippach section

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